Windows Washed
the Borderama of The Hague

photography, text, design
Guus Rijven





When you look down from your chair on a planet that is far too small, you can clearly see the earth over the edge of the horizon. Then send in at the coordinate 5205N0418E, you will land exactly in the centre of The Hague.

The Borderama is a perception of the Panorama (Mesdag's famous cylindrical painting) of The Hague, in which eleven universes are united for a very short time. Nevertheless, individual parts should be separated now and again, even though coherence allows for greater insight.

43 x 32 cm
loose-leaf printed, gathered and bound by hand, brass socket screws for binding, upholstered blue velvet cover with embossment, fly-leaf with northern sky
40 pagina's + 19 translucent pages, of which 8 printed
language: English and Dutch

€ 25,- incl. shipping (Holland)

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mention: Windows Washed and your personal details (name, address)
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